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At X-S Services we understand how important it is to have a friendly, prompt and personalised service. When you appoint X-S to take care of your needs you are dealing with a company that understands your invidual requirements and our customer satisfaction proves this. Whatever your needs may be X-S Services will ensure that you, the customer, will be provided with a professional service.

X-S Services has a range of portable toilets and showers for hire.  X-S understands your needs which may be long or short term hire.  If long term hire is required for toilets then X-S will ensure that they are serviced to avoid embarrassment.  X-S will provide toilet and shower hire for a large range of purposes. We also provide a toilet for Wheelchair Access, family celebrations, sporting events, building sites, parties, house renovations...

X-S provides a superior water supply service which meets health and safety regulations (MOH Certificate no: WC00153-1009801) for domestic, swimming pools, horticultural and landscaping use.

X-S provides a septic tank cleaning and effluent waste removal service (by qualified drainlayer).  It is important to remember if you have a septic tank system installed on your property that it is cleaned every 2-3 years to maintain the effectiveness of the effluent fields.

X-S provides a septic tank  service for commercial practices. i.e domestic or industrial - conventional or modern septic waste systems.


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Water supply | Septic tank cleaning | Portable toilet & Shower hire

We understand how important it is to have a friendly, prompt and personalised service. X-S understands your individual requirements and our customer satisfaction proves this.

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